Moscow Comes to Leominster!

On May 19th 2015, a party of senior professional staff from the Kremlin Museum in Moscow visited Leominster. They were on a two week educational tour of the UK, visiting a wide variety of heritage organisations.  They also visited Grange Court, where a buffet lunch was provided for them, and after a guided historical walk around the centre of town, came to see the Museum.  It was an honour to host them and fascinating to talk to them; we learnt that the joys and sorrows of museum work are much the same, whether you are paid, or a volunteer, in a large or small museum, and whatever country you live in!

'Welcome to Leominster' in Russian

'Welcome to Leominster' in Russian!

Visitors from the Kremlin Museum look round

The visitors look round

A group photo taking in the display of agricultural implements


Kremlin Museum visitors with some of the Leominster team

The Kremlin visitors brought gifts

The Kremlin Museum staff gave generous gifts to the Mayor and the Museum