Publications by Mail Order

This year we have decided to make selected titles from our local history publications available for mail order.  The range we can supply in this way is described below; further titles are in course of preparation.    

With the exception of the Leominster Grammar School WW1 Magazine (£4.00), all the Museum booklets, in both series, are priced at £2.50 each or five for £10.00.  Prices for the other items listed are given individually.  How to order

Seven titles in the Museum Booklets -  Brief History series

North Herefordshire Railways:     The arrival of the railway in 1853 brought prosperity to the town. This is the story of what was once a major junction in the rail network. (16 pp)

The Leominster Canal:     The canal from Leominster to Stourport was never completed, and never paid a dividend. An example of the canal building mania of the eighteenth century, and a fascinating footnote in the town’s history. (16 pp)

The Leominster Museum Building:     Originally a Mission Hall, this is the story of this building and some of the people that have occupied it. (12 pp)

The Old Town Hall:     A building that started life as a Market House in Broad Street, became the Town Hall, was moved to the Grange to become a private dwelling, was used as council offices and is now run by a Community Group. (16 pp)

The Duke of Norfolk:     This colourful personality had a house in Etnam Street, and fought a duel over the election of 1796. (12 pp)

The Free Churches of Leominster:     The town was once known as Little Amsterdam, such was the diversity of Religious opinion. This booklet looks at the many religious groups who have found a home here. (24 pp)

The Ducking Stool:     A history of one of the few surviving examples of what was once a common form of punishment.  (16 pp)

Drinking Water for Leominster:     Despite being situated at the confluence of major rivers, providing the town of Leominster with enough clean drinking water has always been a challenge. This is a story of neighbours falling out, politicians divided, and civic works on a  grand scale.  (20 pp)

Eight titles in the History Reprints series of Leominster Museum bookletsMuseum Booklets - History Reprints series

A History of Leominster National Schools:     Two articles first published in the Leominster News of 1900. (16 pp)

Leominster in the 1868 Poll Book:     A list of all the residents of Leominster entitled to vote in 1868, and how they cast their votes. (12 pp)

 The Corn Square:     Extracted from Frank Gainsford Blackford’s 1897 history of the town. (12 pp)

Eardisland Grammar School:     A history of the school in a series of articles published in 1900. (20 pp)

Leominster Grammar School:     An article from the Grammar School Magazine of 1954.  (12 pp)

An Old Leominster Man’s Recollections:     An early form of ‘oral history’ from the Leominster News of 1898. (20 pp)

The Post Office and Telephone Exchange:     Two articles charting the development of the Post Office and Telephone system, from the Leominster News in 1894 and 1904. (12 pp)

A Victorian View of Leominster:     A review of the town’s nineteenth century history published in the Leominster News in 1897. (12 pp)

The cover of Leominster Museum's reprint of the commemorative special edition of the Leominster Grammar School Magazine published in 1919

The Leominster Grammar School Magazine World War 1:     A full reproduction of the special edition of the Grammar School Magazine in which former pupils recount their experiences in the Great War (with Index).  (40 pp)

Other books, booklet and DVDs

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John Scarlett Davis, by Tony Hobbs:     A 10-page booklet summarising the life of one of Leominster's foremost artists.  (NB this is not the fuller biography by the same author, which is out of stock.)  £1.00.

Leominster and District in the Great War:     A full facsimile of the commemorative booklet published in 1919 by the Leominster Printing Co., with a history of the impact of the war on the town; a summary of the main events of the war; and a Roll of Honour of the local people who died in military service, compiled (with photographs) from the pages of the Leominster News during the course of the war.  The facsimile is accompanied by a specially-compiled companion booklet containing an index of the soldiers commemorated in the original.  £5.00 for both.

Herefordshire - Unique Images from the Archives of Historic England, by Malcolm Mason:     This illustrated history portrays one of England's finest counties.  It provides a nostalgic look at Herefordshire's past and highlights the special character of some of its most important historic sites.  (96 pp)  £14.99.

Leominster Through Time, by Malcolm Mason:     The author has used photgraphs from private collections, and pictures and artefacts from Leominster Museum, to look at the town's history over the past 100 years.  (96 pp)  £14.99.

Leominster History Tour, by Malcolm Mason:     This book takes the reader on an exciting journey through 800 years of the town's history - but the story of Leominster is even older than that.  With the help of a location map, the carefully selected photographs in this guide offer a glimpse of bygone eras to those who want to uncover more about this unique town.   (106 pp)  £6.99.

DVD - Children of the Stream and the Field:     This is a recording of the Museum's First World War commemorative presentation held in Leominster Priory in September 2014, as part of the lottery-funded Rifles & Spades project.  About 240 people attended, and the evening proved to be very moving.  Original stock of DVDs now sold out, but copies can be supplied though without original boxing.  While stocks last, the DVD will be accompanied by a copy of the 8-page event programme.  Was £10.00, now £5.00.

DVD - Five Years in the Fifties:     This is a compilation, made by the North Herefordshire Archive Film Project, of ciné films made by Mr Frank Dale, documenting life in Leominster 50 years ago.  Includes 28-page illustrated introductory booklet.  Was £10.00, now £5.00.


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