'Our Story' was an exhibition created as part of the HLF-funded Rifles & Spades project. It ran in Leominster Library from 3rd October to 29th November 2014 and toured three villages, Grange Court, and Earl Mortimer College over the following winter. It made use of research in historic sources conducted by volunteers, which sought to uncover more about the impact of the war on the town and its people, together with some additional material brought in by the public at the Open Days.  It examined the life stories of some of the young  men who left the Leominster area to fight, and what happened to the four young men living in the town who chose to become conscientious objectors.It also looked at how the War affected the life of those left behind in the town, and those who survived but returned with serious injuries.

Over 2000 people viewed the exhibition in its different venues, and it was used by many of the students at Earl Mortimer College as part of their studies.

The panels displayed in the exhibition can also be viewed on this website - use the drop-down sub-menu headings in the blue navigation bar at the (top) left of this page.

Looking at the 'Leominster News'

The Opening of the Exhibition in Leominster Library - Reading the Life Stories of Local Soldiers

Looking at First World War objects

The Opening of the Exhibition in Leominster Library - Looking at Items from the Museum's Collection

Reading the Display

The Opening of the Exhibition in Leominster Library - A Visit from the Son of one of Leominster's Conscientious Objectors

The Exhibition in Pembridge


The Exhibition on Display in Pembridge parish church 

Comments on the exhibition included the following:

  • It is a really well thought out exhibition. Good mix of info and images.
  • Congratulations! An inspiring and moving exhibition. Wonderful to hear of the local involvement.
  • A wonderful exhibition. We loved the history told in embroidery. So fascinating.
  • I was really interested by the amount of people that came from our area.
  • It was interesting to see the photos and how young the boys were also how close the school was to ours.
  • Overall, I have enjoyed learning about Leominster's history. It has surprised me a lot.
  • Thank you for putting this exhibition together. It conveys a very good impression of many aspects of the First World War.