Visiting Times

The 2019 season at Leominster Museum will start on Easter Saturday, the 20th of April, and will end on Saturday the 2nd of November. The Museum is open from 10am to 4pm every day in that period except Sundays.

Group visits can be arranged outside the standard hours - please enquire for this using our Contact Page.

Admission to Leominster Museum is free. However we do ask you to make a donation if you have enjoyed your visit: visitors' donations play a crucial role in helping us to meet the significant running costs that are inevitable, even for a museum that is run entirely by volunteers.  Better still, put your donation in one of the Gift Aid envelopes that are available beside the donations box.


The frontage of Leominster Museum in Etnam Street Local Milepost for Leominster
Leominster Museum Local Milepost on display